An Affair Kind Daughter in Law 3 (2020)

Seok-joon has two married sons, Min-suk and Solo, Yoon-soo. Suk-joon tells his sons that he will hand over his daughter-in-law’s allowances and property. Solo, Yoon-su, tells Suk-joon to visit her girlfriends and get married to herself. To make money, Min-young and Yoon-jin pretend to be Soo-soo’s girlfriend. In the meantime, Yunjin feels love for Seok-joon. The daughters-in-law often come home to be seen by Suk-joon, and the ex-girlfriend Min-young, who is separated, visits the house to see Suk-joon. However, Suk-joon falls in love with Yoon-jin and is disappointed. Seokjun starts his second life with Yunjin .

Release:22 Jan 2020

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